About Us

Zhongbao Industrial Co. Ltd., established in 1978, specializes in producing automatic auxiliary equipment for punching machines.

In 1997, it succeeded in developing such new products as NC rolling-wheel feeders and NC three-in-one correction feeders. These machines, which do no harm to the surface of materials, enjoy high flatness and can feed materials according to different specifications and sizes. As a result, they serve to establish high-quality images and provide clients with excellent products with high efficiency and enhance their competitiveness in the markets.

Products of our corporation are suitable for punching machines and their automatic auxiliary equipment, equipment for export as planned by the entire factory and the design of special products.

Our corporation will turn out better and more desirable products for you based on honesty, trust, good service, enthusiasm and sustainable management. People from all walks of life are welcome as our earnest expectation. You satisfaction is the honor of our corporation. Let¡¦s create a beautiful future for the sustainable management of the corporation through our concerted efforts.

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